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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  May 5, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CDT

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test results so far- for people who came in contact with the first u.s. patients a contract that the middle east virus. >> first-inning s he is improving so much so that he is expected to be able to go home soon. >> no longer has any oxygen requirements. he is eating well. we expect him to be
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going home soon. hospital officials are not saying much. we have learned that he lives in saudi arabia works at a hospital there that has treated patients suffering from respiratory virus. on monday april 28th he walked into the emergency room of the community hospital complaining of flu like symptoms of fever cough and shortness of breath. quickly put into a private room. after an interview with him officials began to suspect he was suffering from mers. his family and hospital employees were put on home isolation and tested for the respiratory virus. official
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>> this happens exclusively among close contact. at this point it appears that they picked the wrong hospital the wrong state, the wrong country to try to get ahold of. >> federal officials are telling us that they're in a process of contacting the passengers on the plane. iin total there were 100 on the plane and about 10 of the bus. the health officials here say they will continue to monitor this situation until all danger has left. right now they're saying there does not appear to be any concern for any spread of the virus here. everyone in
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the community should feel safe. >> chicago police say a man of doctored his four month old daughter is in custody. >> the girl's father had gone into an argument with the mother had a home. the father of them kicked in the door and took the girl to it and to the home of a childhood friend. >> i did not want to run away with the baby. >> a suburban man has been charged in an accident that killed his young
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child. charges filed this morning against the 29 year-old. accused of driving under the influence of early as today when his vehicle crashed into a concrete median and overturned near bowling brook. his son was killed. two other boys in the car were injured. >> witness is saying the suspect took off in a dark colored car. not sure if this was a target it attack. sending condolences to a parking operator killed on the south side. shot to death sunday morning in the 900 block of east 81st street.
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outstanding achievement over the years. police have no suspects in custody. barry trial begins this week in the murder of a woman from plainfield. lead to a change in wisconsin law. she is pregnant and her unborn baby also dead. allowed defendants to argue they were too drunk to form intent to murder. that led to a hung jury. tribune reports since then the mother has pushed to change the law. wisconsin governor signed a bill to change at last month. >> number of victims of gun violence in chicago. the funeral for the 14 year-old
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is being held this changes temple. allegedly shot and killed by another 14 held due to were reportedly arguing over a boy. >> funeral for another victim of gun violence being held at the united methodist church. shutting killed after an anti virus. a budget analyst for the chicago public schools. could testify this weekend. given to a local restaurant and daly was mayor. wants to cancel chicagos three-year contract with the restaurant and millennium park. claims the daily administration cheated taxpayers out of millions of dollars of tax revenue. he argues the chicago park district had no right to let the
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restaurant opened. the first of two public hearings being held at this hour on proposed rules for the medical marijuana pilot program. >> it is called the medical cannabis pilot program. the state of illinois has been holding a series of public hearings around the state. an opportunity to get on the record abouabout how they feel the legislation should be adjusted. >> my thanks to all of you for coming here today. providing your input to the process. those testifying before a panel expressed their concerns over rules and regulations set up when the laws were enacted. the pharmacist wanted the rules to apply
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for canabis. >> the prescription on entering system is critical from the standpoint of having an understanding of what patients are taken from a controlled substance standpoint. it is a complicated process. others are concerned about the process. >> it is taking too long. by the time we get through this by the time the individual start to grow so that we can distribute it is probably going to be over year-two years. others were concerned about the fees and costs associated. >> we do not object to the fees that are currently written. we assume there are calculated as a best guess to serve that purpose. however the
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fees should be maximum fees. >> a word of wives to the public. it is going to be awhile before the law is officially on the books. in the meantime have to remember that is still a legal to grow or passed on to anyone else medical cannabis in any form. >> oregon state fires first lady michelle obama brother as men's basketball head coach. >> turns into a fast-moving wildfire and oklahoma killing fast-moving wildfire and trying to stay fit but miss real pleasure?
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the ukrainian military helicopter was shot down today over oppression eastern time. the defense ministry reported that the pilot survived.
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several wild fires are burning across oklahoma. one of them has forced about one dozen people to evacuate their homes. >> fueled by high winds and hot dry weather. at least 20 homes have been destroyed. >> the wild fires about 4 mi. long and 1 mi. wide. >> a warning here, this may be disturbing to watch. members of all female team hanging by their former secure canopy when it suddenly crashed about 40 ft. to the ground. 20 people were her. >> a one. and was
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just complete silence. >> as when it finally hits me. while this just happened. >> to this performance was not included in the aerial attacks. >> more than 200 girls from the nigerian school. clamming to the leader of the group sang a lot is commanding her to sell the girls. there were seized from the classroom during exams last month. they believe girls and women belong in the home not in school. president of nigeria said they cannot negotiate for the release because they did not claim responsibility. witnesses for the defense are taking the stand of the murder trial of oscar and the killing of his girlfriend. the troy resumed in south africa this morning
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after an easter break last 17 days. they're up against this defense team trying to disprove the prosecution's argument of premeditated murder. she said she feared the stores might shoot himself. the defense is expected to take two weeks. claims he believes he was shooting at >> u.s. supreme court approved public prayer at the new york board meetings. the 5-4 ruling came in another contentious case. the ruling offered few details on how the community should offer civic purse without violating the constitution. the nba and wife of clippers owner agrees someone else run the team. can be a band sterling for life after his record of making racist comments. tell the car from
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not to promote the relationship with black people or bring them to clippers games. she says she supports the league's punishments and plans to appoint a new clippers ceo. the nba wants the other owners to vote on forcing sterling to sell the team. >> correct robinson has been fired as head coach of the oregon state men's basketball team. is credited with turning the program around in 2008. he failed to lead the team to an n.c.a.a. tournament in any of his seasons. his overall record was below 500. he had three more years left on his contract. oregon state owes him $4 million. a few of the jokes from president obama and joel mchale. >>
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>> roll up that could have gone better. in 2008 my slogan was this weekend. in 2013 it was control all the elite. an american won the boston marathon for the first time in 30 years. it was inspiring. only fair that a kenyon has been president for the last six. it is a long time between now and 2016. anything can happen. -heard hillary had to dodge a flying shoe. >> those one-liners taking place at a correspondents' dinner. >> the blackhawks take a twoone-0 lead
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>> the company's ceo stepping down. we are making chicken stepping down. we are making chicken tacos.
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u.s. stocks falter amid concerns of global economic growth. the decision for chairman and ceo was made after discussions. had been with the company for 35 years. will serve as the seal for the meantime. ford is
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recalling almost 4000 versions of the full-size pickup truck. saying it could slip into reverse increasing the risk of a crash. most were sold to the united states. a spokeswoman says no accidents or injuries have been reported in relation to the issue. it will notify owners and dealers will update the software free of charge. >> it is lucky as flip the switch. came to that the united center. the blackhawks up 1- nothing sphere. while nearly telwild nearly tied
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it. >> seems like good things happen. rear and a good spot. we have momentum. the first game was not the best. this game was going steps in the right direction. pfft to chicago >> " celebrating the 1920's against the cardinals. i. she'
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>> to the league in home runs and rbis. the white sox down a pair in the ninth. he had his second home run of the year to put the white sox back up. the white sox win 4-3. i
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he cannot sit still and has a friday night fight gone on. holes the record of the longest running boxing promoter in chicago. he told us
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that the promotion business needs more experienced guys looking out for fighters. >> you have to have 25 to a new your bill to turn pro.he says he turd his license as a heavyweight boxer. he began his career as an amateur in 1978. most of his career was spent in detroit managed by boxing's first female promoter. it is about being a con man in the ring. it is such a cerebral sport. >> something you're born with. it is something that is really in new. >> 1988 he was knocked out by
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george foreman. he hung up his gloves and found himself lost. i did not know what to do with my life. >> in return to chicago. his trainer gave him an idea for a new career. >> you spent a lot of time up there you should promote. >>they bs their fighters. i do not do that. >> he knows how to put his foot down. his style has gained him respect. he knows how it is to get in there and fight for your life and fight for money. that is what makes him stand out. >> along with
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promoting for of the ears he has dabbled in acting he has been a restaurant owner and he is a father. if you make a living doing what you love to do you never work it did in life. never work it did in lifeceis e atel ng t resanhyo,an thym eaicis-8
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finally and 80 degree temperature in your forecast. gorgeous weather on saturday. we have 80
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degrees on the way. maybe for two different days it would be the first time in three weeks we were that warm in chicago. our first 9 degree temperature. rule tell you about that in a moment. one of our photographers who frequently contributes to our program. . you vincennes' also close-up of this. his last night's fiery looking sonshisunset. taken by jeffrey from rice lake. mike jones snapped a shot of the sunset. he was picking up a live ramapo.
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>> that is kind of a little bit of an impulse. we have right son sean. going to pump that warm humid air upton to the chicago team there. >> look at this point of high temperatures yesterday. the 97 yesterday at oklahoma city. 96 at dallas. there is quite dome of warm air developing. that is the warm air that we were showing you
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breaking records. even warm up in the arctic. 67 was the high around the fairbanks area. when you start getting more of that latitude. will get less and less of the school this. we have one going to a merely because the wind blowing in of with the chili lake waters. the wind to sustain that 17 had out here. the humidity is 40%. the water temperature at 53 degrees. a pollen count. the tree pollen as high. mold spores are low across the area. here's the spread in temperature going at
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the moment. >> and is only in the 40's from willamette. you to some of the wind gusts over 20 mi. per hour. gorgeous sun shine. it started kind of cloudy. we also have a lot of sunshine and glen ellen. he goes the showers. again scattered some help across valparaiso. the only affected parts of the area. the flashlight and in some of those areas. >> it is already 80 to lead st. louis. it is 87 at this hour in oklahoma city. that is the
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northbound warm air. it will start getting in here on wednesday bigtime. for the moment the low pressure south voss means the wind coming in from the east. the flow becomes southerly. but it will be thursday where we get some big storms to brew out west. this could be severe weather situation. >> each of these is shaded areas are wind related weather advisory. small craft advisory along the west coast. on thursday his area that shows severe weather just west of us. the big story
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before that gets here is going to be the warming. uc 50s today. tomorrow we will go into the '60s as a conceit here with '70s. look at this temperature is on wednesday. well into the eighties around chicago. dew points which reflect humidity will be going up into the '60s. that is the human springtime here. a little moisture to those 80 degree temperatures. there really feels like summer and spring. this afternoon and mostly sunny cooler and wind continues to blow across the lake. a couple of inland locations will be pointed out as you go far west. >> for tonight we expects congress to become nice. we
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think there'll be scattered clouds and temperature is flowing into the low '40's. tomorrow partly sunny. wednesday much warmer. was high temperatures going into the mid '60s. when some up to 82 degrees. 12 there is 24 mi. per hour for midweek. >> equal spells lose their punch. and uc '60s up in alaska you're losing that cooler air. >> you're ready for that.we are ready for that. >> which byrd is on that. >> which byrd is on mexico's flak.
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good afternoon. >>4-4-8
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here we go with the fireball. it is 3. >>time for the pick for4 games. hope you have a wonderful start to the week. pick4 >>here is the fireball. 0
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lucky day lotto 200,000 dollars. let's ee is see if you are celebrating after this game. >>mega millions 92 million dollars. have a glorious million dollars. have a glorious afternoon.
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blood of young people and help reverse the aging process. several studies found young mouse blood and money to finance themselves and all the mice. that could improve their hearts brands muscles. scientists say the results can lead to human testing for possible treatments. >> we have a wonderful cinco de >> we have a wonderful cinco de mayo
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chicken tacos. >> we are having a little celebration for cinco de mile.mayo >> it is on the tip of the peninsula. recleric close to the caribbean. we're using some rhubarb. >> we could do on the grill for a little bit. what seasoning's did you that in there. >>we are going to simmer it in chicken
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stock. once it is cool enough to handle, you can shred it. it is all clean and good to go. >>cilantro, spinash, a little habanero. >>we are going to add that to our chicken. a nciice bright green color. >>flavor goes really well. >>we normally make tortillas to order. >>wonderful little baby ones.
12:52 pm
>>bite size. >>we take regular tortillas and add to it. giving it corn dimension. we do a couple different flavors. >> >>we are going to do some ricotta cheese. >>to give it some
12:53 pm
cream. >>what did you add to these. a little water and season salt. >>a little bit of vinegar. >>wonderful unique flavors coming together. a little bit of green onions. >>a little lime on everything. that is the dish right there. >>3 or 4 up to you. >>we have fish tacos. veggie options as well. >>we are open all
12:54 pm
day today. we have a few specials we are running. >>a sesame roll instead of regular bread. >>look at the size of this baby. you are opening a new location. >>hopefully open in august. find out more info wgnt
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we have some real summer like warmth. it has been over 3 weeks. see the weather system crossing the rockies. >>here is the storm system we showed you. >>this should pump in the warmest air of the season. the
12:58 pm
cooler air is stil >>here you can see the northeast wind that keeps it cool. look at the warm air. >>that is on wednesday. that is a beautiful warm flow. will take the temperatures and pump them up to the mid 60s. even some upper 60s. look what happens on wednesday. the 80s.
12:59 pm
watch the air mass move. there is the warmth that comes into the area.
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